Sunday, June 1, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a jam packed Memorial Day weekend--the kind of three day weekend that leaves you just as exhausted as when you trudged home from work on Friday, but leaves you satisfied with life.

After getting home on Friday, Shane and I loaded the kids in the car and ran out to do some errands to prep us for the weekend--BJs and the pool store.  Priorities, people.  Saturday my parents arrived to spend the weekend with us.  For the majority of the weekend, we lounged by the pool, grilled out and just enjoyed time together.  My mom hijacked my bike--on more than one occasion--and even took Olivia for a spin a few times!  Olivia is quite the fish, and loved being in the pool.  When she wasn't swimming, she loved being in her bouncer just checking out what everyone was up to.  Trevor is a total shark this year--in and out of the pool, jumping, splashing and diving.  Swim lessons really paid off this past year!  Can't wait for him to start swimming competitively in the fall!  <3 nbsp="" p="">
Sunday I had to work in the morning, and after lunch my mom and I headed out to do some shopping for a bit.  Once we got home, back to the rides before bed and then passing out.

Monday everyone slept in a bit which was nice and we took care of some errands and projects around the house before my parents had to head back home.  The four of us spent the rest of the day swimming and hanging out.

Friday, May 23, 2014


I had plans to share a very shark-esque video of T-rex for you to kick off the weekend that begins summer......instead, let's remember what Memorial Day is REALLY about.

My veteran is home from work for the weekend....we're off to spend some time with him while we can.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Last weekend we flew to Maine for a long weekend so that I could attend the graduation ceremony for my Master's.
Thursday afternoon we hopped on a jet plane and had an uneventful flight to Portland, with a short layover in Baltimore.  There was one great event during that layover though....I finally got to meet my friend Jennifer in person.  She was also in my program, but since everything was online, you don't get to really meet your classmates.  She and I connected through Facebook and have been talking for the past year and a half (and praying for each other--geez! the praying that got us through!)  and so I was over the moon to finally meet her in person, and get to celebrate graduation together!

Official events didn't start until Friday evening on campus, so we spent our time sightseeing and relaxing. We spent Friday at Bug Light, swung by a family cottage and then went swimming before heading off to campus.  

On campus (which is GORGEOUS) we participated in the baccalaureate mass.  I was able to be an EM, and that was an amazing experience.

Saturday morning started out super rainy and depressing, but we were back on campus for the ceremony.  About halfway through, the sun came out and by the end of the ceremony we had amazing weather.

statue of Mary Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, who founded Saint Joseph's

(how many times do you want to guess this Lady interceded on my behalf)

 (this is the view from campus.  gorgeous)


Saturday afternoon we went to Portland Head Light and walked around.  It was absolutely breathtaking some of the views it had.  Trevor liked climbing around the old buildings that were still there!

Sunday we went to church with Jennifer and her family at the Cathedral, and then went to Freeport until we had to head to the airport for our trip home.